GeekDad Contest #3 RESULTS

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Contest3_2Contest3_2Thank you so much, brave scribblers, for your excellent work. It was truly a ferocious battle, with twelve of the entries getting at least one top-three vote. Plain and simple, we loved ’em all!

But this ain’t nursery school, and in the end we had to choose three winners. Those who did not place in the top three, take solace in the fact that it was extremely close, and you do get a free PDF of Kobold Quarterly!

Contestants, please make sure your Flickr account is updated with an email address you check, and I will be in touch to arrange delivery of prizes.

See three winning entries after the break.

And here they are:

FIRST PLACE: "geekdad" by misterforman

SECOND PLACE: "Father’s Day Duel" by hyperionconsul

THIRD PLACE: "The Dragonlance Family" by kipper snifferdoo

Again, our heartfelt thanks to our contestants, as well as to Wizards of the Coast and Kobold Quarterly for donating prizes.

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