Big Fun in Big Cedar

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Note: For Father’s Day, I’m taking the day off. So this post is being written by my son, six-year-old, Ian Banks.

A_3A_3Last week, I went to Big Cedar Lodge with my daddy. On the way there we went on a cave tour. They turned off all the lights and it was darker than I’ve ever seen.

When we got to Big Cedar, we went fishing and we went on a paddleboat. We saw a big grizzly bear in our hotel. It wasn’t real. It was stuffed. When we went fishing I saw a big catfish and a few turtles. I didn’t catch any fish, but I got a few nibbles. We saw some groundhogs and turtles and ducks.

I rode a horse. They gave me a cowboy hat and sheriff’s star and some handcuffs so I could put bad guys in jail. We went on a campfire ride. We rode a wagon with two horses to get there. We roasted marshmallows and drank root beer. There was a singing cowboy and he asked me to sit with him to sing. So we sang Old McDonald together. At the end, we had a big marshmallow fight. It was the kids against the grownups. The kids won! We went to the pool and we played miniature golf. One hole was inside a big, huge fish. I had a great time. I liked spending time with my daddy there. I love my daddy very much. The end.




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