Tallest Lego Tower – Ever!

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Nlego2_668121eNlego2_668121eWell, that didn’t last long.

Last year’s world record for tallest Lego structure was recently eclipsed by nearly 4 feet. The new world record – almost 100 feet high – was built at Legoland Windsor in England. Using a half million bricks, the tower was constructed with the assistance of thousands of children and families over the recent weekend. The tower is held in place by several wire supports and was made to celebrate Lego’s 50th anniversary.

The record has been shifting quickly in recent times. Just last year, a couple of master builders and their friends used 465,000 bricks to build a 96-footer in Toronto. That beat Legoland California’s 94 foot monster, which used the same number of bricks.

Pretty impressive – now who’s going to help take it apart?

Found via the Daily Telegraph.

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