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Check out the great new Weekend Project on the Make Blog, the topic is, how to make your own ornithopter. In addition to this fun video, there is a set of instructions in PDF format.

ornithopterornithopterWhat is an Ornithopter? It’s a flying machine that works by flapping its wings. From the Greek words ornithos (bird) and pteron (wing), it was imagined as the most likely way for humans to fly by early inventors, including Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Build an Ornithopter Weekend Project talks about the history of the ornithopher, talks about the supplies you need and shows you how to make one. With a video by MAKE vlogger Kip Kay (shown above) and a PDF excerpt from MAKE vol. 8 by the awe-inspiring (and fellow Minneapolitan) William Gurstelle, you should have everything you need to get building.

If you don’t feel like creating your own, check out these two commercial alternatives by the crazy cats at WowWee, reviewed on the GeekDad blog:

Wowwee ButterflyWowwee Butterfly
Spring, and Cute Little Ornithopters, Are In The Air

GeekKids & Ornithopters

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