Bent Festival Concludes

Geek Culture

This year’s Bent Festival is over. Taking place in three cities over nine days between April 17 through May 3rd, Bent Festival is

an annual art and music festival celebrating DIY electronics, hardware hacking, and circuit bending. Each year we invite artists from across the country and around the globe to perform music with their home-made or circuit bent instruments, teach workshops to adults and children alike, create beautiful art installations and to generally come together, face to face, and showcase the state of the art in DIY electronics and circuit bending culture.

If you have the least bit of curiosity about electronics or electronic music, or if you’ve ever just wanted to rip your toys apart, this festival is for you. Each day we will have open studios with expert circuit benders and hardware hackers on hand to help you get started. There will be installation artists building circuit-bent artwork throughout the space. There will be a full schedule of in-depth workshops. There will be nightly concerts featuring some of the best circuit benders and DIY electronics performers in the world. It is pure unadulterated fun for the whole family. You will have a blast.

For more information, check out Bent Festival’s web site. Also, look for cool Bent videos on YouTube.

A very special thanks to GeekDad friend Jeremy Pavleck for shooting the Minneapolis event for us. Also check out his Flickr photostream for hundreds more pix. (Jeremy shot over 1,700 photos in three days. Thanks, sir, you rock!) Look for more of Jeremy’s photos after the break.

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