Upgrading Our Robot-Dinosaur Overlords

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For those of you out there who succumbed to the siren’s song of the cute, even cuddly, dino-robot Pleo as a GeekDad programming project to share with your kids, here’s an important update: Ugobe (the makers of Pleo) have released an update to the software that adds even more hackable fun.

Pleo’s software update 1.1 will continue Pleo’s personality evolution, making him more animated, interactive, and expressive through a wider range of responses, motions, and sounds. As an FYI, this update will only be available at first through an SD
card. Based on the high demand, UGOBE wanted to release the software to consumers as quickly as possible. Windows and Mac versions of the update for download via USB will be available within the next few weeks. Also, any previous downloads—Holiday, Love-struck—will need to be re-downloaded in new versions for compatibility with the update.
My Skit and
YAPT for 1.1 compatibility will be available in the near term future.

Here are some of the new features you can expect to see with this update:

  • Pleo’s ability to alter his attitude and emotions based on how he’s interacted with will be enhanced. A happy Pleo is one who receives a lot of attention, while a sad Pleo is one who is neglected or abused.
  • You will also notice that Pleo might occasionally get sick – coughing and sneezing! Nurse him back to health by giving him lots of love, attention and feeding him his leaf.
  • Pleo has learned a new trick – he knows how to sit. Try holding his chin and rear at the same time. Help him back by pushing down on his backside;
    don’t forget to help him up when you want to keep playing!

  • Petting
    Pleo on his chin for a long period of time will coax him to sing –
    after which he will remember the song he stopped on and use it to call for attention.
  • Pleo can now visibly see his Training Leaf so when he sees it he may open his mouth or call for it with a little panting sound
  • Users will be able to change the way Pleo walks – high-step versus casual gait to allow for Pleo to more easily traverse difficult terrain such as high carpet. To engage this new walk, simply hold Pleo’s front legs and touch his Pleo button. He will remain using this walk until the user reverses the command.

Software updates are free and Pleo owners can easily download the updates at http:/www.pleoworld.com/shadow/updates.
The file can then be transferred to Pleo using an SD card.

Me, I’m still waiting for someone to program a herd of these little guys, and recreate key scenes from Jurassic Park with them.  Check out all about the little machines at Pleoworld.

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