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If you haven’t already discovered it, ARKive, Images of Life on Earth is a vast collection of pics and video of endangered and threatened animals. In giving special recognition to "Earth week," I came upon this in my (constant) search for cool animal videos for the 5-year-old. The stuff on this site is superb.

Backed by the BBC and many noted wildlife film makers and photographers, ARKive boasts the largest collection of animal imagery on the web. The quality is first rate and the site is loaded with educational resources and information. The video is generally uncluttered by silly narration and eschews the novelty, simply showing animals in action for the splendor of it. Similar video from sites like National Geographic or Animal Planet are only vaguely satisfying for the most part. Most are just clips of actual cable shows and are layered with the goofy narration you would expect. ARKive’s videos show animal video for the animals’ sake. Most are short and free of pretentious editing and voiceovers–like this one of fighting iguanas. Blow it up and make it greyscale, and it is right out of 10,000 B.C. (the original of course). Give a nod to the Earth with your offspring by taking in its bounty.

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