Moov It! 4-in-1 Vehicle Building Kit

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The Moov DIY vehicle kit from Berg is ten shades of awesome.   From the assorted bits of wood, rubber and plastic, you your kids can build their choice of 4 different rides: a racer, a carver, a trike, and a scooter.   There is certainly a ton of potential here, particularly if you had more than one kit at your disposal.  Now if only there was an adult version.  Hey Berg, where’s the love??

The main site is a little clunky so I recommend you check out the gallery and Tom Waits video over at Gizmodo. You’ll be able to pick these up in the U.K. as of June 2008.  No word yet on when they will hit the States or how many greenbacks you’ll be shelling out. 

Moov website (via Gizmodo)

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