Prehistoric Puppets

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Finally! A toy that has been given the loving attention to detail that we all crave. Puppetoys and Hollywood special effects veteran sculptor Michael Maddi have crafted realistic dinosaur puppets using the sculpting techniques seen in your favorite movies. Prehistoric Puppets are made of the soft foam used in movie modeling and look like a whole lotta fun. Here is a sample of Triceratops in the sculpting stage:

Are you like me, and feel cheated by the way-cool toys our kids have at our, [ahem] I mean, their disposal? I’ve always felt deprived when my 5-year-old paleontologist plays with his toy dinos – some of which are way more detailed than the cheap plastic blobs that passed for prehistoric beasts in my day. CGI effects have also made my favorite old dino movies just plain cheesy (but lovable just the same!).

Maddi’s Prehistoric Puppets are big enough and lively looking enough to keep both Geekdad and kids enthralled. Plus, in addition to the typical T-Rex and Triceratops Maddi has got the less-often seen Spinosaurus and a Cetratasaur too. Add a digital video camera, and you are on your way to making your own dino movies with effects that put the old movies to shame. Look for the first Prehistoric Puppets to hit stores this summer.  Thanks to for the lead, and a site that also seems to have plenty of geek potential on its own.

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