My Rubber Ducky Goes Where I Tell It

Geek Culture

Talk about a way to mess with your toddler at bath time!  It’s an R/C rubber ducky!

Bath ducks used to just bob, then they glowed, now they’re motorised!
Soon no doubt they’ll fly, at which point you might as well go out and get a real one. Until that unhappy day (for the duck at any rate)
arrives you can content yourself with the first fearless and featherless Remote Control Duck. Waterproof (rather obviously) and with two tiny propellers this avian wonder will scoot about your bath, and all under your control. He’s remarkably zippy considering the diminutive size of his propellers, and of course goes forwards and backwards as well as left and right, putting all your unpowered ducks to shame. All wind-up and bobbing toys are now a thing of the past, the
RC Duck’s come home to roost.

Sadly, we only have a shower, or I’d have this in a heartbeat.  Now, can anyone hack it to run from an iPhone?

Link to the R/C Ducky.
Found via Gizmodo.

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