General Grievous’s Cycle—Yesterday!

Geek Culture

Now I know where those Lucasarts geeks get their ideas. They read old issues of Modern Mechanics magazine from 1928! Coming via the fantabulous Modern Mechanix blog, which publishes snippets of the more fantastical futuristic items from science magazines of our innovative past, is this monocycle powered by a plain old motorcycle engine of the times—and for the kiddies!

Powered by a motorcycle engine and operated through the conventional handlebar control, a rubber-tired motor wheel has been invented which is claimed to represent the ideal in cheap and rapid transportation. The device is so simple that a youngster can operate it. The large wheel is fitted with a continuous inner track along which run a series of flanged wheels on which the mechanism revolves. The rider is seated inside the wheel on a regulation motorcycle saddle.

Unfortunately, you will need wheels of various sizes as the geeklet grows. I know there is a Geekdad out there with the tools and the talent. C’mon, let’s see this thing in action!

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