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Weemade is a simple yet awesome idea for parents and kids: a blog dedicated solely to posting kids’ artwork. 

Here at weemade, we find the artwork and creativity of kids inspiring, thought provoking, entertaining, and unpretentious. We think that reminding ourselves how children see the world is a valuable and enlightening process.

THEBLOG WEEMADE is a communal effort. We accept posts from anyone and everyone. Scan and post your children’s artwork or your own artwork from when you were child. Found artwork. Anything!

Posts can be made anonymously, or with minimal information for safety.  I think I’m going to subscribe to the RSS just to have a daily stream of pure fun and joy to look at.  And I’ll be talking to my kids to see if they want to get in on the fun.  Link to the weemade blog. Found via Neatorama.

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