Could Mario Be The New Tiki?

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The first time I saw this story pop its head up, I thought it was cute and geeky, but maybe not quite right to bring up on GeekDad.  Then, after the second that third times, it stuck in my brain, and after it came up on Neatorama the other day, a new angle on the idea came to me.  All this is to explain why I’m posting today about a bar.

Scrollbar hosts the official weekly Fredagbar (Friday Bar) of IT University of Copenhagen.
A number of us study games in the "Media, Technology, and Games"
Masters program. Thus, we thought it only appropriate to embrace our inner geek and throw a Mario-themed night.

We pooled our vast knowledge of mixing and alcohols (this is
Denmark, after all) to craft ten unique Mario-theme drinks. They not only look like their corresponding characters, but they taste like them too! Okay, well, not actually like the characters themselves (we’re not cannibals), but rather the qualities they imbue (e.g. sweet, harsh, frutiy[sic], etc.).

So yes, this is very cool and very geeky for the college students, but what about us GeekDads?  It occurred to me that back in our youth, it was the thing to have a bar in the basement or game room.  In those days, it was a solid oak construct with a mirrored back, and if our dads were really with it, there was a pool table down there, too.  Not that we ever got to play on it.

These days, if you’re going to have a bar, I guess the hip thing is a Tiki Bar (great show!) – tangent: Boing Boing posted last week that Trader Vics was having a warehouse sale here in the Bay Area.  I missed out, but I was able to get my retired parents to go – don’t know what they picked up for me, but I know it’ll be cool! – okay, back to the post.  So, Tiki Bars are cool but what about a bar that the whole family can get behind?  How about a Mario Bar at home?  Sure, there can be wine, beer, and spirits for the grumps, but maybe also a shake machine or Icee maker or something, so the whole family can enjoy!  This is an idea that need developing, people!

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