Chris Perkins Answers D&D 4E Questions

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I’m sure glad Chris Perkins is one of the leaders of the development of D&D 4E. He got his start in 1988 as a teenager, writing the quite excellent “Wards of Witching Ways” for Dungeon Magazine #11 (under the eyebrow-raising nom de plume of “Christopher Zarathustra”). He went on to become the magazine’s most prolific contributor before fulfilling a geek’s most fevered dream by getting hired on by Wizards of the Coast. A talented game designer, his vision and creativity can only help make this huge project a success.

Recently, Slashot users put five questions to Perkins regarding the game’s upcoming 4th Edition.

“Is there any concern that you’ve eliminated the most tactically interesting/complex characters from the game?

“[W]ere there any design choices made based on the fact that computer games will also use the system?”

“Does WotC think all players and DMs are male?”

“I’m looking at the back of that specific Tiefling Wizard’s sheet, and it seems to me that conversion is going right out the window. This 1st level character seems pretty beefy to me, in terms of sheer spell face-meltage. Does ‘At-Will’ really mean ‘as much as you want, just so long as it is your turn’?”

“How does the Open Gaming License affect WotC’s view on computer programs? Does Wizards consider the actual rules, the type of map, the genre, the number of d20′s, etc to be their IP?”

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