Asteroid Birthday Cake – Atari 2600 Style

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OK.  I’m envious.  I didn’t get an Asteroids birthday cake when I was growing up….but then, I didn’t have an Atari – I had an
(please note my nose held slightly higher in the air as I type, and yes, my pinky finger is extended from the end of my tea cup…because the graphics were so very much better, even if it didn’t gain mass-hysteria status like the Atari – dare I call it the Apple of the early 1980′s?) – but that’s another post.

A guy by the name of Kirk
has chronicled the birthday cakes he’s had through the ages.

Those cakes include:

  • Batman (Age 5)

  • Superman (Age 6)

  • Pirates (Age 7)

  • Darth Vader (Age 8)

  • Atari Asteroids (Age 9)

  • E.T. (Age 10)

  • Ghostbusters (Age 12)

  • “Generic” Comic Book (Age 13)

First of all, hat tip to Mom and Dad Demarais for capturing each year’s birthday cake on film (yes, young pups, this was before the age of digital cameras).  Secondly, hat tip to Neatorama for bringing us the link to this cool birthday-cake anthology.

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