TV Series for Geeklets

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GeekDad reader/listener Adam sends along the following comment and question for the greater GD community:

In the recent podcast, Howard Taylor mentions watching the Tom Baker Doctor Who seasons with his son. Over the last couple months I’ve been watching the original

Transformers series with my 4-year old. During that span I’ve seen him go from not really following an episode plotline to be able fill me in on what characters are doing what if I have to leave the room for a bit. And what better way is there to spend an hour than hanging out with one of your kids watching talking, changing robots?  I’m thinking the next series we are going to do is Voltron or ThunderCats, but the question I pose to the other Geek Dads is which series would you recommend for the younger crowd?

Good question, Adam!  GeekDads, what do you think?

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