Spring Training for a GeekDad

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I went to the first parents meeting of the new season for my oldest son’s little league team last night and got all the important do’s and don’ts, got gently suckered into being some sort of assistant coach, and realized three nights a week will be shot for the next two months as they try to mold a dozen 9 to 11 year-olds into a cohesive team.  But I’m excited, both because my son LOVES the game, and because it may give me the excuse I need to get a new digital camera (hey, they NEED a team photographer!).  But I thought it was particularly timely that a member by the ID of Nickelphone posted an Instructable on how to break in a baseball glove this week.  As any good GeekDad would do, I find all the important things I need to know on the Internet, and I thought I’d share this one with all of you.

Today we will be learning some of my techniques for breaking in a baseball glove. Since the turn of the last century people have been playing baseball for leisure or professionally. And as a player, one of the common things I hear from fellow team mates is the “stiffness” of a new glove. Believe me I’m a catcher, and some of the worst gloves to break in are catchers mitts. It also seems that the newer and higher quality of the glove the harder the darn thing is! So now *trumpets and drum role* I will be showing you how I work my magic on my mitts and fielding gloves to make them soft and pliable.

Read the rest of How To Break In A Baseball Glove here.

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