Shirt and Genes

Geek Culture

It’s still a pretty amazing concept that we have mapped the human genome.  Obviously, that’s just scratching the surface – or some other more appropriate metaphor – but the data is out there, heck in a way it’s sort of open-source, Creative Commons licensed.  Sort of.  Okay, maybe not.

But if you really appreciate the geek-factor of genetics, what better way to show it that by wearing the human genome on a t-shirt?

To celebrate the mapping of the human genome, Science magazine published an issue featuring a t-shirt covered with the annotated gene sequence map of human chromosome 1. Now the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) is releasing the shirt for all to have.

It’s cool, but it’s only chromosome 1?  Does that mean I can expect 22 more shirts in the future (sorry, only 21 more for the ladies)?  Or maybe we spread them out over a whole wardrobe: chromosome 7 socks; chromosome 14 slacks; X-chromosome boxers? Of course, perhaps we should take this idea further.  What other cool science should we print on items of clothing?  I’m already voting for Avagadro’s number on a (Tom Baker long) scarf.  Anyone else?

Link to the t-shirt, found via Gizmodo.

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