Dinosaur and Robots Dispatch

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They had me at "Dinosaur!" A new digital ‘zine, Dinosaur and Robots Dispatch has been launched by Geekdad favorites Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing and Make magazine, and Mister Jalopy, frequent Make contributor and king of modded transport.

Short and to the point, the mag is filled with tools, re-use projects, and the occasional gadget review. It’s not so much kid oriented, but it’s sure to capture the attention of all Geekdads. (Although the longboard made from an old waterski might appeal to the older geeklings.)

Volume 1 will show you how to restore Bakelite to its original luster (because, you know, it’s old), or how to clean the crusty tools that we have all scored from yard sales.

The refurbishing Bakelite project is one I’ll be diving into. Once upon a time, the decorative mounts on Highland bagpipes were made from elephant ivory then, when makers realized the errors of their ways, they switched to Bakelite for awhile – and it doesn’t age well at all. This project just might help me get the mounts on one of my sets looking a heck of a lot fresher. I’m already eagerly awaiting the next issue.

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