Daily LEGO: Cake Edition

Geek Culture

Cross-posted from our friend Amy, at Geekparenting.com:

It’s time again to showcase our Lil’ Geek of the Week! Today, I’m proud to present Garrett. According to his mother Bridgett, he is quite the
LEGO maniac. As such, she created an amazing LEGO cake for his birthday this year.

Check out Garrett at his LEGO-themed party:


Below, we have a closer shot of the cake. The studs are actually Rice Krispie
Treats molded into a circular shape. Bridgett merely placed them on different-sized cakes and iced right over them. Isn’t that clever?
Sounds like a fun project for geek parents!


That’s an adorable young man and an awesome cake. Well done, Bridgett!

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