RPG Superstar: Who Wants to be a Game Designer?

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mapmapWatch aspiring game designers show off their RPG writing skills and vote for the best!

Paizo Publishing, publishers of numerous supplements for D&D/d20 as well as Planet Stories, a great new science fiction/fantasy line, have introduced RPG Superstar, an American Idol-esque challenge to determine the best amateur game designer.

Round One saw more than 850 entrants submitting a magical item described in 200 words or less. The top 32 moved on to Round Two, which asked the contestants to write a 1,000-word description of fantasy nation and its people, history and geography. The best sixteen submitted D&D villains for Round Three, and eight survivors moved on to Round Four and created three “thematically linked” monsters. This time visitors to Paizo’s web site got to vote, and eliminated two of the contestants.

Round Five finalists are required to “create an encounter of publishable quality that is part of a larger adventure that is both usable and memorable and keyed to a specific location, as would appear in an actual published adventure.” Voting begins January 24th, so get ready to click on the best. The four survivors move on to the final round and the winner of that battle earns a paid commission to write a 32-page adventure to be published by Paizo.

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