5 Tips: Turn Weekend Projects Into Awesome Memories

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This is a cross-post from our friend Vanessa VanPettten, who writes the blog Today with Vanessa Van Petten – Exposing the Net-Generation…A Gen Y Perspective on Teens and Parents.

5 Tips: Turn Weekend Projects Into Awesome Memories

There are so many great DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects that you can do with your family geared towards smaller kids (treehouses, bug farms, swing sets) and teenagers (science projects, skateboard ramps and prom dresses).  I remember certain moments like they were yesterday and have some of the failed and successful outcomes still in my room.  A few priceless ones I remember vividly: a hand sewn gypsy Halloween skirt, a stage when I wanted to be a dancer (don’t worry this one failed) and trying to make our own family scary movie.

treehouse_moat.jpgtreehouse_moat.jpgThese are great memories for me and I think there are certain home projects I remember more than others, and want to give you a few tips that I think work really well for making the memory last—even if the project itself doesn’t.

1)    Pick an Occasion
It was great when my brother and I did a project with my dad having to do with an upcoming birthday present, or my mom and I trying to sew a prom dress, making a present for someone else’s important day or even a project for the holidays.  One year my family and I decided to do a weekend where we all made our own gingerbread houses for Christmas and we had roofing disasters, icing fights and ate more candy off of the houses than we put on.  Now, when I see gingerbread houses, I think of those memories.  So, picking a project on a special occasion will inspire more positive memories for your kids when they remember that special day, whether it is their birthday, your birthday or Halloween!

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