What Was The Best GeekDad Gift You Got This Christmas?

Hacking the Holidays

AppletvAppletvJust a chance for everyone to show off the neato new things, whether gadgets, books, movies, or experiential gifts, we all were lucky enough to receive this past holiday.  Here are a few of mine:

  • AppleTV – Yeah, it’s not as whiz-bang as the iPhone, and there are other PC or Linux based devices out there that can do the same basic job (moving audio and video content from your computer to your home theater) cheaper, but the thing just rocks.  I literally had the player hooked up to our home theater system, syncing, and showing content inside of five minutes.
  • Earth 2, the Complete Series – This one digs deep for the geek in me, and I hope I can get my kids into it. 
    The show lasted for only a season or so, but it had an incredible cast, including Clancy Brown as (gasp) NOT a bad guy!
  • Tickets to The Harlem Globetrotters – not much else to say to that, but YAHOO!  We can’t wait to go see them!

So, what did YOU get for Christmas?

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