Star Wars Battle Droid Prepares For the Prom

Geek Culture

My boys, Jon & Aidan recently turned five and they are now fully and completely immersed in Star Wars.  LEGO Star Wars sets, DVDs, Darth Vader at Halloween, LEGO Star Wars video games on three different gaming platforms (GameCube, PS2 and GameBoy) and even a Star Wars birthday cake. 

BattledroidBattledroidMy daughter, Natasha, also enjoys Star Wars, but in moderation.  Approaching eight, her tastes are currently trending more toward princesses and Barbie has somehow crept into the picture.  Imagine the boys’ reaction when they inadvertently left a battle droid action figure in their older sister’s room.  This is the droid immediately after being liberated –I happened to have my camera handy to capture its humiliation.  Fortunately, there was no lipstick small enough to complete the job…


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