BioKite: Windless Kite Flying for Ancraophobics

Geek Culture


BioKite’s release this week may finally put an end to kite enthusiast’s war with Mother Nature.  No longer will wind be necessary to hit the skies, as the BioKite is reported to require no breeze whatsoever to fly!  Kazuo Mori, president of Morihisa Co., redesigned the company’s original BioKite so that school children and the handicapped would only need to flick their wrist to fly. 

It sounds like the real magic is in the materials.  The kite has a wingspan of 90cm and weighs in at 10 grams.  To give some perspective, stand this kite on its side and it’s as tall as a three-year-old and weighs as much as an Oreo (original, not double-stuffed).  Yours for 11,000 yen ($100), thats one very flat and expensive cookie.

BioKite(Japanese) (via Gizmodo and InventorSpot)

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