Merry Crystal-mas!

Geek Culture

Okay, folks, Thanksgiving is all but here, and in America, that means it’s time for the winter holiday decorations of your preference to come out of the attic and go up on and around the house. This year, though, I think Chez Little is going to geek up our usual holiday décor with a little science project — these nifty little grow-your-own crystal kits found by Tokyo Mango (who got them from Gizmodo Japan, and which I found via Boing Boing…ain’t the intarweb great?).

Pretty cool way to celebrate both science and the holidays, if you ask me. Also, if you don’t read Japanese, it turns out you can get similar Amazing White Christmas Tree from Amazon (apparently also available in green. Those of a more secular bent can also get a multicolor Magic Tree, or in fact an entire Magic Forest. Who knew?

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