Star Wars: The Musical!

Geek Culture

No, not really.  But you thought it might be possible, didn’t you?

Actually, this post is just a follow-up to something I mentioned in the latest episode of our podcast (Geekdads Episode 3: No Rodents Should Be Harmed.).  Yes, there will be a Star Wars TV show – two, in fact (one animated, one live action).  See this article that has made the round on the newswires over the last week.Georgel_2Georgel_2
So, the big question for the Geekdads is whether this will turn out okay, or not? Whether we will  continue to be able to pass on our love of the Star Wars universe to our Geeklets?  It certainly has been an up and down experience over the last few years, between the second trilogy disappointing many fans, and games like Lego Star Wars and Battlefront actually rocking the consoles pretty hard.  Add to that the wonderful Clone Wars animated shorts that ran on Cartoon Network, and maybe we can hold onto some guarded optimism.  What do you all think?

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