Competitive Solitaire

Geek Culture


The GeekMom and our oldest Geek-kid didn’t find anything worth watching on TV last night.  So, mom on her laptop and our teenager on the desktop both found themselves playing solitaire between surfing and emailing.

Not sure who’s idea it was, but they began competitive solitaire.  At the phrase
“go” they started playing solitaire on their individual computers.  They played as many games as it took until someone won solitaire (as demonstrated by the bouncing cards across the window).
First one to have the bouncing cards was the winner.

Things got testy.
Tension was thick. Mice were worn out.  In the end it was:

3       GeekMom:0

Getting just a touch cocky, our teenager decided it was time to move from plain, old solitaire to Spider Solitaire.  Same rules applied.  In the end it was:

Geek-kid:0         GeekMom:1

I really, really have to introduce them to networked computer games……

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