A Ceiling Fan For Your Tent

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We wrapped up another successful camping season, ending things with a long weekend that featured rain and temperatures dropping to just a degree above freezing. A little cold for my wife’s tastes, but I’d rather be cold than hot when camping any day –cold is easily remedied with a roaring campfire, warm clothes and a good sleeping bag. And if you’re a kid –well- running around, climbing trees, searching for firewood, visiting neighbors, watching birds, playing with the dogs, hiking, looking at caterpillars and everything else active kids can find to do outdoors is apparently more than enough to keep warm.

Speaking of those trips when it’s hot, though, I have found one device that has proved invaluable for helping keep tent temperatures comfortable. I was mocked when I first bought one (it does admittedly sound a little hokey), but this Coleman Zephyr battery-powered ceiling fan has been a lifesaver. It worked so well, we soon bought one for the kids’ side of the tent as well. Kid-safe foam blades, an integrated nightlight and magnetic fastener, it only cost around $30 and runs continuously on its highest speed for three nights (on 4 “D” batteries). A bargain. The five of us did 14 consecutive nights in a tent in August this summer and there was only one night when it was still hot enough that I considered bolting for the van and air conditioning.

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