The Weather GeekDad in me…


…loves severe weather.  My bachelor’s degree is in Meteorology.  I got my degree, set out into the wild world, and forecast the weather for six months….hating every single second of it…..but it doesn’t stop me from appreciating fantastic photos of the weather (the more severe, the better).

With StumbleUpon, I stumbled upon these pictures of Mammatus clouds and the weather geek(dad) in me was amazed.

I saw mammatus clouds a few weeks ago but didn’t have my camera with me….I knew we were in trouble, and sure enough, the skies opened up and we got over an inch of rain in just an hour or so.

I have tried to entice my kids to watch and study the weather.  When the tornado siren starts going off, that’s the time (for me) to go outside and look at the clouds and oncoming storms. (or in college go to the top of the highest building on campus to watch for the funnel clouds…) So far, however, only my oldest daughter has shown any interest in the weather, and it’s been minimal at that.  I’ll keep trying.

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