The Joy, Excitement, and Thrills of Summer Camps…

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Yes, my oldest son returned from the last big event this summer – a week away at camp.  We discovered several things:


  • The joy of hearing that he showered almost every day.
  • The excitement the indescribable odor wafting from his camp bag.

  • The thrill of finding the shampoo and soap….unopened, in said bag.


It makes the
GeekMom and GeekDad wonder what his definition of “shower” and
“almost” is…we do know it will make for some GREAT stories when he’s older, sitting across the dinner table from us with his fiancee.


Does irradiation harm clothing? 

My guess is you’ve got your own camp story – and some probably worse than this.  Gather ’round this virtual campfire and start swapping stories.

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