GeekKid Smackdown: That’s not Optimus Prime; that’s Marge Simpson!

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This is adorable. On Instructables, "Rosedale25" publishes a How-To on making an Optimus Prime head out of Lego. There’s only one problem, which the commentators quickly zero in on:

Dude im sorry but that looks more like marge simpson!! have you actualy seen what Optimus Prime looks like?

Much piling on ensues. Then comes this:

Hi everyone, thank you for your funny and interesting comments. My son posted these instructions– he’s 8. I think it’s such a hoot that he’s blissfully and perfectly unaware that his project is anything but wonderful. He’s particularly inspired by the Transformers made out of k’nex.
I’m going to let him read the comments and see if he can’t improve on his first efforts. 
Rosedale25′s Mom!

Go Mom! Go 8-year-old GeekKid! Best Parenting Ever!

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