Teaching Your Child to Read

Geek Culture


One of the most valuable gifts that you can give your child is the gift of literacy. While there are many resources one can turn to in order to teach a child to read, I chose to teach my boys using a website called Headsprout.  From my perspective, Headsprout nailed the lesson plan from multiple dimensions:

  • Fun: Uses a number of gaming metaphors
  • Multiple levels of rewards: inter-lesson rewards, end of lesson rewards, milestone books, progress posters, etc.
  • Fast paced
  • Engaging
  • Varied
  • Easy for a child to use
  • Great supplemental materials: extra books that can be printed out and used to reinforce lessons
  • Bonus: Teaches your child the basics of computer use: mouse control, etc.

The proof is easy to see. Not only can my boys read, but more importantly, they ENJOY
reading! My second grade son just finished reading Eragon, a 497 page fantasy novel. My kindergartener enjoys reading easy-to-read books to his baby brother and reading the nutritional labels on the packages of all of our food purchases. I suppose it’s never a bad idea to know your phosphorous intake. At least, I’ve never been more aware of it. Thank you, Headsprout!


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