Sidewalk Painting

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The GeekMom and I recently purchased the Crayola Sidewalk Paint Sprayer for the (younger)
kids.  However, we found that even our teenager got into the fun of painting our driveway, sidewalk, and yes, flowers the last couple of days.


It takes 4 AA
batteries, and you need to water-down the paint a bit more than the instructions call for, but the kids had a great time working with the colors and changing from red to purple to blue one day and then from blue to green to yellow the next day.

It’s designed to only work when the nozzle of the paint sprayer is pointed down and holds two canisters of paint.  The kids can turn a dial to go from one color to the other or to have both paint colors mix.  We did find we had to preach patience when changing colors since it took a little while for the first color to finish moving through the plastic tube from the paint holder to the sprayer…I guess our kids are just used to instant everything.

The kids have had tons of fun with it — so much so that now we’ll need to run to the store to pick up more AA
batteries since they’ve already run down the first set…that and spray down the driveway if we don’t get rain this weekend (that’s why some of the flowers were targets – there was only a little space left on the driveway and sidewalk).




Yes, our littlest Geekling spelled out "dad" and "mom" on the first day we played with this toy…

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