Creative Cross-Pollination

Geek Culture

My boys are still fans of the "Rescue Heroes" toys and I love to listen to them when they are wrapped up in an adventure as Billy Blazes the firefighter or Al Pine the mountaineer. Img_2374smImg_2374sm

But the cross-pollination is the most interesting part of their play as they make connections to other areas and expand their usage of embedded technology.  The Command Center contains a small recorder and speaker, the technology is invisible to them, they just know what it does.

After they spent time recording and playing back words that they have been warned not to use outside of the bathroom, they started using it to advertise the museums, plays and zoos that they set up in their room. They’ll drag the whole  command center to the living room and press the play button. . . 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please come to C and B’s petting zoo."

The zoo sections around the room organize stuffed animals into aquatic, grazing, predator, baby and a few miscellaneous categories. Budding taxonomists?  Maybe I should have named one of them Carl. 

Sadly for a Geekdad, they’ve never asked to me to buy Pat Pending. Judging by his description, he is the Rescue Heroes geek that keeps their gear operating; "computer and wrench included"

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