Birthday Parties – GeekDad Style

Geek Culture

My youngest geekling had a birthday the other weekend.  We brought in the crew from Mad Science for an hour worth of science, fun, and hands-on experiments all delivered in kid-friendly language from “Dr. Ryan Reaction.”


The hour was packed with science using liquid-absorbing powder (kinda like the stuff that makes diapers absorbant), a black-light and painted on mustaches or dots on cheeks, flash paper, and a tesla generator that sparked along different metals, illuminated up a fluorescent tube light, and lit up a neon light. 


The final project was making purple slime as Dr. Reaction explained that polymers and binding agents — when combined — made slime (now tagged "purple boogers" by the boys at the party).


It kept the kids’ attention and even drew in the older kids who were “too cool” to get involved in the experiments.


The best part was later – after cake and ice-cream and presents – when the kids designed their own “experiments” involving Cherry Coke and

…good thing I didn’t have Mentos anywhere in the house.

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