Old Macs Go From Dust Magnets to Bird Magnets

Geek Culture

Australian macadamia farmer and wetlands restorer Rex Harris has found a novel use for old Macs: He turns them into birdhouses. Apparently this only works with the increasingly hard-to-find Mac Plus/Mac Classic-style cases, but it looks like a worthwhile rainy-day project for any Geekdad bird fans out there. Though Harris seems to be sticking with basic green and tan colors, this seems like an opportune moment to give the spectrum of Krylon’s Fusion paints a go.

The linked article doesn’t give explicit plans, but the photographs should be enough for any enterprising geek to make a go of it.

Speaking of plans, if you’re a backyard birder like me, there are two books you should have on your shelf — Scott Campbell’s The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers and Build a Better Birdhouse (Or Feeder): New Designs in Avian Architecture, by Malcolm Wells. Wells illustrates a new and beautiful take on every kind of classic house and feeder, and Campbell provides the technical details you’ll need to build to Wells’ suggestions. While none of Campbell’s or Wells’ ideas are quite so radical as a Mac Plus case, they would make great additions to any yard, and outstanding Geekdad/Geekkid projects.

(via AppleInsider)

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