Myth Busters, A Great Show for Geek Dads and Their Kids

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As I’m typing this right now my two sons aged 6 and 5 are glued to the TV.  We’re watching Myth Busters on the TiVo.  The kids actually want to watch this right now more than play Star Wars II on the XBox 360 so you know its got to be good.  In this particular episode the Myth Busters team are trying to see if they can replicate various Ninja warriors myths.  They just made a pair of Ninja shoes and tried to walk on water… but they didn’t make it.

I was pretty pleased when my six year old took his own initiative to use the TiVo remote and fast forward through the commercials.

The basic idea of MythBusters is pretty cool.  Basically the two hosts, special effects expert Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman try each episode to do various interesting science experiments.  My own favorite episode was when the tried to see how hard it was to get out of a car sinking in a swimming pool and filling up with water (it’s actually pretty hard to do). 

My kids most favorite episode and probably the most popular experiment to date was the Mentos / Diet Coke experiment.  This was the one where you drop mentos into a 2 liter bottle of diet coke and watch the explosion ensue.  We actually did this one ourselves in the front yard after seeing it on MythBusters and it was pretty awesome.  If you want to see a clip of this one yourself, check out this video on Metacafe. 

MythBusters runs on the Discovery Channel and is an hour long program.  It’s definitely worth programing the TiVo for if you’ve got kids.  It’s a great show and probably my boys’ favorite show on TV right now. You can check out their official website here and you can learn more about the program here at wikipedia.

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