Life-Size Cutouts and Super-Size Posters

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You're pretty - here, play with this rattle!You're pretty - here, play with this rattle!Here’s a great way to make cardboard cutouts of pretty much any size from a regular digital image. The only real limits are the amount of cardboard you have (I’m guessing plenty if you’ve bought a stroller or flat-pack furniture lately) and how much paper & ink you want to use.

Not unlike Dave Banks’ amazing "Large Format Printing as Wallpaper" post, this is a way of taking an image and super-sizing it, this time using free software called The Rasterbator. Despite sounding like something Regina Lynn would review in the Sex Drive column, with a bit of rasterbation experimentation this delivers excellent results.

Either using the online or standalone version, The Rasterbator takes your image and scales it to any dimensions you specify – literally! The finished image is made up of dots in the same way as newsprint images, and is delivered as a multi-page .pdf document with guide-lines for cutting out.

Buzz Lightyear image from the Rasterbation GalleryBuzz Lightyear image from the Rasterbation Gallery In the simple example above I used an 800×600 cellphone image scaled up to the size of 4 sheets of  standard inkjet paper, then pasted it onto cardboard and cut it to shape. In retrospect I wish I’d  made it twice the size and used a better photo!

I’ve found this perfect for making large party banners and posters – there’s a rasterbation gallery on the website if you’re seeking inspiration or just want to check out what other people have made. The largest one so far is Rasterbation TG06, a magnificent 7.35 x 10.39 metres, constructed using 1225 sheets of paper.

Sounds like a challenge to me!

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