Geotrax Rail & Road System

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Geotrax taking over the living room!Geotrax taking over the living room! Simple to put together and nigh on indestructible, Fisher-Price’s Geotrax are wickedly addictive.  I’m definitely guilty of doing the less-than-occasional rain dance so that I have an excuse to play with them! For those suffering from Thomas overload, this may be the answer to your prayers.

The trains come in push and remote control versions(with and without reverse).  If your geek-in-training is more into construction equipment, you have options there as well. Track layouts can be as simple or as complicated as you desire.  Our last build had ramps taking our trains from the construction yard on the floor up to our city in the sky!  And by sky I mean dining room table, but you get the idea. It doesn’t take long before rooms are engulfed with trains running hither and yon.  Oh, and you’re kids may enjoy playing with them too. 

Geotrax are great for when the relatives come a calling for gift ideas.  The set is completely expandable with tons of accessories. Doubles just means more pieces to build with!  If you are into collectables there are pleanty of out of production pieces, so completing your collection will offer some challenges.  The toys have a strong following online with fan sites like Geotrax World and Maxgeotrax.  There are extreme builds for those who want something a bit more exciting.  Our next step: mod a train to feed the fish.Making repairsMaking repairs   

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