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There was a time when it took some major effort, up-front cash, and ongoing inventory maintenance infrastructure to develop branded merchandize. No more. Since 1999 CafePress has been honing the business of providing print-on-demand services for a wide range of merchandise. No more up-front fees. No more inventory head-aches. Great idea for sports teams and small organizations to produce branded merchandise.

Recently they’ve expanded to include self-published books and audio and data CDs. Wonder if there are any kid writers, composers, or coders who’d be thrilled to see their work professionally produced and available for purchase on the internet.

And don’t forget blogs.

We now have a line of GeekDad gear. Check it out here.

If you have ideas of other logos or slogans or other fun themes to expand the GeekDad product line, please share them in the comments below.

Some sample products:

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