karting with daughters

Geek Culture

My daughter and I have discovered the joys of race karts.  It isn’t as productive a hobby as some of the previous posts, but I think there are some unique benefits – particularly for a father and daughter:

  1. All great great race drivers start in karts – from Michael Schumacher to Mario Andretti.
  2. You simply cannot have more fun on 4 wheels
  3. They are relatively inexpensive to run
  4. It’s a great way to break some gender barriers
  5. Gabz has gotten a huge dose of self-esteem from karting – it is a pretty unique activity
  6. It’s really fun way to have some father-daughter bonding.

We started with a school in Dixon, CA for that cost about $150 for a day of instruction.  Of course, as with all hobbies, it has escalated into us having karts at Infineon raceway, and driver coaches. Gabz feels comfortable giving me pointers, and doing it together has brought us closer in many other arenas.


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