I’m a big fan of wired tech. I’ve long maintained that that nothing beats wired for audio reliability, speed, and clarity. Since my work relies on that, I’ve long since accepted that my best headphones are always going to be wired, and that’s that. Unexpectedly, iClever has turned that on its head. With its new Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver devices, my tech experience has become more flexible than ever. Outdated (but beloved) tech is now Bluetooth compatible, and high-end tech is more versatile than I’d hoped.

First, we all have a piece of great tech that is a pain to use, but you love it too much to let it go. My classic iPod, for example, lacks basic Bluetooth functionality. It’s an outdated design, but it’s still a great device. I have playlists on it I created 10 years ago. I have the playlist from my wedding and reception on it because it’s what we used to play those tracks. I won’t give it up until it’s dead, and it shows no signs of stopping now! With this tiny iClever adapter, and a male-to-male audio jack (included), I have a Bluetooth-streaming iPod Classic.

On the flip side, I can use the receiver to give any headphones Bluetooth compatibility. The kevlar-cabled V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones I previously reviewed are amazing. Several of the GeekDads have these, and they are top-of-the-line headphones. They cost over $300 when I got them (currently $199.61 with Amazon Prime), and I knew they were perfect immediately. Unfortunately, they are a cabled unit, which is part of what makes them so great. But they’re super portable, so having Bluetooth functionality would make sense. Thanks to the iClever transmitter/receiver, I can use them on the go. I use the shortest of the cables that came with the V-MODA headset, and now I have Bluetooth headphones that I cannot live without.

Since receiving the transmitter/receiver I have discovered tons of uses, but I mostly use it for just a couple of things. I connect wireless headphones to my TV, which allows me to listen to the news while in another room. I also connected one to the radio in my wife’s car, which is going on 13 years old. That alone saves a bundle of cash, because a new radio is expensive, and her current one is fine, other than the lack of Bluetooth.

My experience with this device has been perfectly summed up by user Grigs68 in an Amazon review:

“This is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you get it, then you wonder why you waited so long.”

For me, this is a no-brainer device. It’s small, light, reliable, and holds a charge well. You can also charge it while using it, so you never have to miss a moment of quality performance.

To kick things up a notch, I’ve added the iClever BoostSound BTS08 Premium Party Speaker. This speaker has helped with a few issues I face on a regular basis. Primarily, I have some quiet devices. My laptop is not a loud device, but I use it to watch movies and TV several times a week. I was struggling to enjoy binge watching Jessica Jones¬†because the sound was pathetic, and there’s a lot going on in each episode. The other device is my record player, which doesn’t have built-in speakers, but works great with the transmitter. By employing the BTS08, I’ve been able to amp the audio up considerably without losing quality.

The BTS08 is a reliable compact speaker. The enhance bass alone makes it a stand-out device. Also, I’ve not noticed any distortion, even at high volumes and at a distance from the broadcasting device. I’ve used it at a distance of 37 feet without trouble, unless a wall is involved. When broadcasting around a corner, it does well enough, but the audio starts to suffer if the speaker is more than 7 feet from the corner. The battery is advertised as having a 14-hour play time, but I’ve streamed music through it non-stop for 15.

I’m also a huge fan of the design. The speaker is a bold red and black, with touch controls. It looks less pretentious than other Bluetooth speakers, which are often odd shapes and colors. The BTS08 just looks like a speaker, which is what I want for everyday use.

Overall, the speaker is just a great device. It’s available for $36.99 with Amazon Prime, and has 3- or 4-year protection plans, and an 18-month replacement warranty, meaning you’ll get your value from the already affordable purchase.

If you have a favorite device that can be (or already is) transformed by a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, share it with me on Twitter (@TerminallyRory). I’d love to see how you bring your old-school device to the current generation of tech!

Disclaimer: iClever was kind enough to provide units for review purposes.