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Data Mining May Make You Less Troll-Like (In-Game and Out)

Data Mining May Make You Less Troll-Like (In-Game and Out)

By compiling millions and millions of League of Legends data points, researchers hint at “psychological traits across global populations.” Read More


How to Be Happy, Married With Children

After marriage your well-being dips and after divorce it rises; after childbirth, relationship satisfaction is permanently below its pre-birth level -– so says a meta-analysis of 2,159 studies, published this week in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Sound … Read More

The Science of Happiness

Once upon a time, long before parenthood was on my radar, when I was young, single and training to be a city Metro driver, a crotchety old-timer on the fleet taught me to smile at each and every passenger who stepped onto my trolley. Read More

The Science of Free Will

As a writer, one of the things I am most fascinated by is human behavior, the choices we make, why we make them, what calls or pushes us to one action and prevents us from making another. What drives the human psyche? Because the truth is, our preciously held and highly valued ability to make… Read More