So, About That Wonder Woman Lunchbox…

A couple of days ago, a user on Reddit posted photos of a Wonder Woman lunchbox with a letter allegedly sent from a school to the parents of the child who brought said lunchbox to school. The story was immediately picked up and recirculated across the internet. Every site that posted it simply pointed back to the same story on another site, all of which come back down to a single post on Reddit that links to images on Imgur, posted by the same person.

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Back to School With Thermos Brand

It’s a new school year, and that means acquiring new gear for both my children. Sure, in most cases they could keep their previous backpacks and lunchboxes, but picking out new stuff for the upcoming educational journey is part of our annual ritual. (Also, I won’t discount the theory that my kids have inherited my predilection for accessories.)

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bag of holding bmo lunchbox

Have Fun, Well-Travelled: Two Great New Items From ThinkGeek

I’m in kind of a weird situation right now where I’m both prepping my kids for the upcoming school year and still lining up a bit of leisure and con travel for myself. Because of this I’ve kept a keener-than-usual eye on things like travel bags and lunchboxes. As luck would have it, a recent dispatch from the team at ThinkGeek spotlighted a pair of items that suited my needs nicely.

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