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On Letting My Gifted Son Do His Own Thing

On Letting My Gifted Son Do His Own Thing

With the highly gifted child comes great responsibility. Here’s how I helped my son through his roughest time yet dealing with a mind so far ahead of his emotions. Read More


Admission: Recognizing Missed Potential

Admission is a film that releases March 22, starring two of my favorite actors in the universe: Paul Rudd and Tina Fey. They really don’t need any introduction, especially for those of us who grew up with SNL and Judd Apatow films. And that’s likely a huge part of the thinking behind the film, because they are two of the best things about it. Read More

Gizmo: The Tenth Intelligence?

Many people (especially teachers) are aware of the multiple intelligence theory developed by Howard Gardner: there are eight basic ways people learn, and a ninth is subject to debate. Verbal/Linguistic Mathematical/Logical Visual/Spatial Musical/Rhythmic Bodily/Kinesthetic Naturalist Interpersonal Intrapersonal (Existential) Now, this … Read More