LG mac-compatibal external DVD burner

LG Portable DVD Writer: Cheap Workaround for Broken/Missing Mac Optical Drive

I don’t know what it is about Macs and optical drives. Anything recent from Apple has ditched the optical drive altogether and when Macs and MacBooks did ship with the drives, that was always the first component to fail. If your Mac’s optical drive bit the dust (or it never came with one), LG’s portable USB DVD Writer is an inexpensive workaround that doesn’t require a costly replacement.

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Steve Jobs Changed the Game for Kids

I began working in children’s media not long after Steve Jobs returned to Apple. Those were the days of CD-ROMs, when we had to fight those who controlled the purse strings to allow us to make Mac-compatible games even though it was such a small part of the computer market. There was always a sense […]

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