Poetry Doesn’t Have to Be Scary… And Here’s Why

When I was a little girl, I loved poetry. Somewhere along the path to adulthood, I became disconnected from poetry… until I had children. And now, as an unexpected homeschooler, I find myself appreciating poetry in a way I hadn’t before. Thanks to the Brave Writer curriculum we love, we make space for poetry every week! Today, I’m sharing our family’s favorite titles and a few tips for adding poetry to your homeschool routine!

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Practice Math Through Play

I have one of those kids who understands higher-order math concepts but stumbles over the rote memorization piece of it. He makes careless errors because he’s always flying at full speed, and he hates back-tracking to remedy the situation. We are homeschoolers and, initially, this tendency resulted in heaps of power struggles. And tears. I want my children to love math, and to see the value in it. I want them to grow into adults who feel confident in math. How can we practice those skills without the never-ending battles? Is it possible to make it fun?

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The Boreal 21 cutting wood

Khan Academy Adds Computer Science Courses

Exciting news for kids, parents, and autodidacts everywhere! Khan Academy, the innovative online platform that brings free education to the masses, has added computer science to their already stellar lineup of subjects. John Resig, Khan Academy’s Dean of Computer Science, describes the new offerings on his blog: We’re releasing a completely new platform that targets […]

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