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Geek Therapy: What Kind Of Message Does It Send?

Something crossed my mentions feed on Twitter that caused me to pause and really think about the messages being sent about geek women and what it means to be a geek. This thing is a new series of comedy shorts called Geek Therapy. It is made by Comediva (@comediva) and stars America Young (@America_Young) as the therapist. It currently has… Read More


YouTube Geek: Say the Right Words

If you’ve spent much time on YouTube lately, you’ve probably heard about VidCon, the great big vlogbrothers-organized convention for the amusement and edification of YouTubers that happened in Los Angeles last weekend. By all accounts, it was a smashing success, a rocking good time, and caused jealousy in the hearts of vloggers everywhere who were… Read More

To Cover Up Or Not To Cover Up

  Annie, who is working on her “proverbial” PhD in parenting, has been blogging about the dichotomy most of us know quite well. We live in a culture heavily tilted toward female sex appeal while at the same time public breastfeeding is deemed inappropriate. She writes, “Telling women to cover up and telling women to… Read More

Hyperbolic Crochet: The Intersection of Geometry, Feminine Handicraft, and Environmental Activism

A mathematically precise model of a hyperbolic pane by Dr. Diana Taimina. Hyperbolic space is at your finger tips. A ball of yarn and a crochet hook are the only tools needed to make models of hyperbolic forms–once believed impossible to build. Created and curated by twin sisters Christine and Margaret Wertheim of The Institute… Read More

Twilight Week At GeekMom!

Twilight Week At GeekMom!

With the release Eclipse on DVD on Saturday, we at GeekMom decided to take a look at the Twilight phenomenon. The immensely popular series has been incredibly polarizing among fandom. One side side, teen girls reading the series, which included my own a few years ago, see someone they can identify with in Bella and… Read More