Brohoof for a Good Cause : The Morones Recovery Fund

Much has been made of the fierce and growing legion of male fans of the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and, while this is a largely adult following, there are still a number of younger bronies among the ranks. Sadly, one such fan, 11-year-old Michael Morones of North Carolina, recently tried to take his own life as the result of bullying centered on his love of the property.

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At Conventions, Skywalkers, Bagginses, Batmans and Lannisters Provide Back-to-School Lessons in Tolerance

Whether they were born on Tatooine or Krypton, play Grand Theft Auto V or Cloudberry Kingdom, or watch Walking Dead or True Blood, factions from these diverse but often opposing universes, posing with their fake laser blasters and purple-tinted wigs at conventions, manage to get along, at least for one weekend. Why can’t the rest of us?

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A Q&A With Bully.com Author Joe Lawlor

In author Joe Lawlor’s middle-grade mystery Bully.com, a thirteen-year-old detective named Jun Li is accused of a crime he didn’t commit — a cyberbullying crime. To clear his name, Jun launches an investigation that includes hackers, a jealous boyfriend, and other students in his middle school who are also victims of bullying. The result? A story perfect for kids that’s being called “well-plotted” and “clever.”

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